International Institute of Financial Planning & Investment Advisory

We are Analysts, Educators, and Creators.

Our team has extensive experience in both financial planning and investment advisory. Through partnership with some of the world’s best educators, we create content that inspires.

The Advisory Board

CEO, Nulearn

Sumit Kumar

Chairman, Atsunyo Group

Alfred Atsunyo

Senior Manager, HCL

Nitin Srivastava

Director, PJ Services

Paul Oyelakin

We strive for the highest financial standards with our Board of Advisors.

We are governed by the IIFPIA  Board of Advisors to ensure that our curriculum achieves the highest standards and best practices for practicing individuals in the Financial Planning and Investment Advisory industry.

As of December 2021, There are 267 members in the IIFPIA Board of Advisors. They come from various organizations including top banks and institutions from around the world:

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