How To Earn Free Tron coins?- An Easy And Quick Method

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If you have been reading about Tron, you have probably come across a blog, an article, or a website that talks about how you can earn free Tron coins from different airdrop events, faucets, and other giveaways. But as a beginner, it is hard to know where to start, where to go and what you should be doing to earn these free Tron coins. Well, this article will give you all the information you need to start earning free Tron coins, and how you can use them to increase the value of your portfolio. This article will also discuss how to mine Tron crypto coins, various wallets where you can store your Tron coins, and lastly, whether Tron is worth buying or not.

What Is Tron?

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You might have heard about Tron, but what is Tron? Well, Tron is a blockchain technology that has its own cryptocurrency, Tronix. A system that has its own blockchain. It works on a decentralized and Proof of Stake system. Justin Sun developed Tron In the year 2018. Thus, it gained massive attention from the world. Tron did many acquisitions in recent years. Besides that, the founder Justin Sun has many expensive meals with the mentor Warren Buffet and many more.

The transaction speed of the Tron is faster than that of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Where Ethereum used to generate 25 Tx per second, Tron on the other hand validates 2000 Tx per second. While Tron validates 3 blocks per second, Ethereum adds only 1 block per 15 seconds. This indicates that Tron is much much faster than other altcoins. Therefore, in the later stage, Tron outperformed Ethereum also. Thus, making it a bigger hit and Tron worth buying in recent years.

Brief History About Tron Coin

Although Tron was started in 2018, the history states back to the year 2017. Justin Sun the founder of Tron in the past has already developed an app for China called Peiwo. Later on, he decided to work in Ripple as a chief representative and advisor. However, this role proved to be a golden chance for him. He got exposure to the crypto world. While working in Ripple he got a clear idea about the working of the crypto markets and its technology. Thus, Justin Sun developed Tron in the year 2017 and launched it officially in 2018. To overlook the work of Tron, the Tron foundation was established. To fund the foundation, an initial coin offering was formed. They raised $70 million for the company. Now, the Tron foundation overlooks the activities of Tron coins. Tron has also brought Bittorrent on July 25, 2018.

Actually, Berkshire Hathway had hosted a bid to arrange money for the Glide Foundation and the winner would get a lunch deal with Warren buffet. Justin saw this as an amazing deal and started bidding. He won this whopping deal for $4.6 million. He invited Charlie LEE of Litecoin, Changpeng Zhao of Binance, and Livio Weng of Huobi as the lunch guests. Thus, he got to promote the Tron coins with Warren buffet. But, as Warren Buffet said, he is against the use of Cryptocurrencies, finds them a gambling platform. In December 2021, Justin retired as CEO and jumped on to become an ambassador of Grenada.

How To Mine Tron Crypto?

Mining Tron coins does not happen, you have to mine just you do for Ethereum or any other altcoin and then convert them into Tron. You need to have the proper equipment to do the mining process. Mining can be done through two methods: Hardware mining and Software mining. Now that you know a brief history about Tron, let’s understand how to mine Tron crypto coins. Let’s check it out.

Hardware Mining

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You might have questions on how to mine Tron on Windows or PC? Well, you need to have a lot of space for mining any coin. Hardware mining involves the use of computers, ASIC miners, and GPUs for mining Tron coins. Although mining the Tron coins through CPU is not possible, you have to mine other coin and then convert it into Tron coins. For mining other coins, you need to have a proper setup for mining. For instance, you should have good-quality mining rigs and graphic cards. Also, you should set up your miners at a place where there is a good electricity supply. Because mining involves the use of a lot of power. Two popular hardware wallets are Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S.

If you don’t know how to mine the Tron crypto coins, another option is to stake the Tron coins. Staking is a process where you buy and hold the coins and you receive interest on them. In other words, you are giving your coins to any of the staking apps, and they will give you interest in it. Popular staking apps are Trustwallet, Kraken, etc.

Software Mining

In case you don’t know how to mine Tron crypto coins through mining rigs, you can’t use mining software that will ease your work. To mine the Tron coins, you need to go to the Tron mining homepage. This platform offers two methods through which you can mine coins; Ethash and CryptoNite. Ethash allows is an algorithm used for Ethereum whereas CryptoNite is for Monero. As stated above, you cannot directly mine Tronix coins, you need to mine other coins and convert them into Tron coins. Firstly, you need to install good quality GPU mining software like Claymore’s Dual Ethereum mining software. Follow the steps given and start your mining setup. You’ll get your Tron coins.

Best Tron Coin Mining Sites

If you don’t know how to mine Tron crypto coins, you have another option to do cloud mining. Basically, Cloud mining means mining where you assign someone else to do mining for you. Mining can be automatic or a specific person does mining for you. Some of the free Tron cloud mining sites are Miner-Land, Tronlyfast, and Banktron. There are many free Tron mining sites that will allow you to mine Tron coins on their platform. The following are the best Tron mining sites, you should definitely check out. Let’s have a look.

  1.  Tron mining
  2.  Unmineable
  3.  Poloneix
  4.  NiceHash

How To Earn Free Tron Coin?

Tron coins are becoming popular among many investors. But, can you earn free Tron coins? Yes, it’s possible to earn free Tron coins. The best way to earn free coins is from faucet apps. But, what are Faucet apps? Well, Faucet apps are apps where you can earn free coins by completing different tasks. In order to keep crypto Tron faucet assigns you to perform tasks like completing the quiz, captcha, watching ads, downloading apps, etc. The following are the sites that allow you to perform faucets. They are as follows.


TronStar is a site that offers you to earn free Tron coins without the hassle of mining. The average claim amount is 0.0014 TRX. You can earn Tron coins by solving various Recaptcha images. You just have to add your wallet address. Basically, when you open any crypto account on any wallet, you will be given a wallet address. Just like you have your email address, even wallets have their wallet address. So, when you add your wallet address, they will ask you to verify some reCaptcha images. Once you solve them in the right order, you will be rewarded with some coins. Also, on top of that, you will get a 50% commission as a bonus. But, the disadvantage is that this site has a lot of ads.

ClaimFreeCoins TRX

ClaimFreeCoins TRX is another faucet site that offers free Tron coins. You just need to visit their page and start the process. But, before that, you need to have a account and a Tron wallet. When you visit their site, they’ll ask you to enter your Tron address and proceed with the procedure. You can claim up to 0.02 TRON every 5 mins.

Best Exchanges And Wallets For Tron Coin

There are many wallets that will allow you to buy Tron coins and store them in their wallets. Along with that, you will get a wallet address which can be used to either withdraw money from the Crypto ATMs, or from their wallets. If you wish to buy the coins, you can access any of the wallets mentioned below, deposit some money in the wallet, and buy coins. You can also buy coins through a debit/credit card or through your Paypal account. Now that you know how to buy Tron coins, you’ll definitely need a wallet to store them. The following are the wallets you should definitely use;

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. Kraken
  4. Poloniex
  5. OKEx
  6. Kucoin
  7. NeXo
  8. Trust Wallet
  9. Cobo Wallet
  11. Tron Android Wallet

Is Tron Coin Trading Legit?

Yes, Tron coin trading is legit in many parts of the western world. Although Tron has entered in recent years, many people are showing interest in trading in this new coin. According to Coinmarketcap, there are more than 101.74B TRX coins circulated in the market. The total market cap as of February 28, 2022, is $5,961,793,767 USD. There are many companies and businesses like Tron Store, Travala, Coinsbee, Alternative Airlines, Print-Ted, and Peiwo App. If we talk about countries, the majority of people trading in Tron are based in the US and Europe.

Prices Of Tron Coin

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The Stock price of Tron coins is very much volatile to the market performance. The price history of the Tron coin has been fluctuating in the past few years. When the coin was launched, the price of the Tron coin on September 15, 2017, was $0.001801 with a volume of $26474.80. In comparison to other altcoins, this was a quite good start. But, the main plane took off on January 5, 2018. The price of a Tron coin then was $0.2206. As usual, after reaching an all-time high price, the price fell down to $0.03793. Once again, when the founder Justin Sun announced the lunch bid deal with Warren Buffet, the price of Tron coin in May 2018 raised to $0.09336. But, after that, the graph was quite rough.

From 2019 to mid-2021, the prices saw quite ups and downs. It was then on April 15, 2021, the price lifted up to $0.1621. In the past month, the prices are witnessing huge drops and low rises. According to CoinmarketCap, the current price of Tron coins as of March 1, 2022, is $0.06157.

Is Tron Worth Buying?

Now the question arises, Is Tron worth buying? Well, the answer is Yes. There are some major reasons to state this statement. The first and foremost reason is that Tron had given an impressive return of 180% in 2021. And at the time, many investors had invested and have got quite good returns. According to Crypto Rating Council, as per the US rules, Tron is one such cryptocurrency that could become a kind of security in the future. Secondly, the security system of Tron is much more secure. In May 2019, a hacker tried to hack this protocol but couldn’t succeed. Until then, Jorge Guo, one of the demanded security engineers, was hired. He has assured the public that the system can’t be hacked till he is supervising it. Many experts have forecasted the price of the Tron coin will surge the market expectations around this year-end.

It would be best if you buy some amount of Tron coins today, and hold them for a long term. Because it is predicted that the founder Justin Sun might come up with some projects in the future. If that happens, the price of Tronix coin will surely surge high. Thus, it makes Tron worth buying in current times.

Does Tron Coin Have A Future?

Yes! Tron has a great future head. And there are many factors to mark these words. Tron is listed in more than 106 exchanges and has 261 trading pairs. On May 11, 2021, as per the reports, the Oracle network announced a partnership with Tron. Oracle network is a database software application and has decided to launch data products on TRX blockchain protocol. Also, Tron has a large number (i.e 30.9 billion) of stablecoins in the market. When you feel the market is down, you can convert TRX to USD, and when it is bullish, you can again convert USD to TRX.

Besides that, Tron is a Web 3.0 coin. In other words, Tron is built on such a protocol that supports the Web3 decentralized system. This indicates that Tron will soon enter the metaverse realm in the future. Therefore, Tron is worth buying and has huge potential in the future.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand just how simple and fun it is to earn free Tron coins. This is an exciting new cryptocurrency that is quickly growing in popularity, which means that the number of free Tron coins that you can earn will likely increase as well! This article discusses various ways how to mine Tron crypto coins. Also, the best Tron mining sites for mining the Tron coins. In addition to that, this article also states whether is Tron worth buying or not. If you have any further questions about how to earn free Tron coins, comment down below.